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What is Important About Money To You?

Client Centered

We implore you to consider this question very carefully. What is important about money to you? Ensuring that you will not run out of funds during your retirement while living a desirable and fun-filled lifestyle? Confidence that your loved ones - not the IRS - will receive the majority of your hard earned assets? Safeguarding against a sudden depletion of your life savings in an unexpected health crisis? Whatever it is, it is personal, and it is significant. Knowing these priorities is the essential foundation to building a successful financial future.

At Dawn Gordon Financial Advisors, we align your money with your value system. It is inconceivable and unethical to conduct any financial planning without knowing your core values, your core concerns…in other words - YOU. You are the center for any financial planning endeavor. We insist. Why you ask? Because we care.

A financial planning relationship is just that, a relationship. This is a long term partnership and process - not a short term solution. Just as you desire a professional with the sincere interest and integrity towards your financial matters, we enjoy helping those clients with the same professionalism of respect, trust, and confidence.

Teaming with a financial professional may be one of the most significant, liberating, and empowering steps in your financial future. Live your life, focus on your priorities and we will help you to pursue your financial goals. At Dawn Gordon Financial Advisors, we are your advocates.