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Virtual Meeting Guide

Virtual Meeting FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is a Virtual Meeting?

A: Virtual Meetings are a way for you and Dawn Gordon to conduct your meetings from the comfort of your own home! The Virtual Meetings allow you to view Dawn’s computer screen and review reports, statements and documents from your computer, laptop or tablet.

Q: Do I need a microphone or a camera?

A: No. You and Dawn will still conduct the meeting over the phone like you would in a phone appointment.  The Virtual Meeting eliminates the need to email Reports and Statements, as well as simplifying reviewing documents during the meeting.  No more struggling to open ten different statements or documents, or making sure you are both on the same page of a report.

Q: Can Dawn see my computer or see me during these meetings?

A: No. Dawn is only sharing her computer screen during these meetings. The Virtual Meetings do not have the ability to view your computer or you during these meetings.

Q: How do the Virtual Meetings work?

A: The Virtual Meetings are conducted via your computer, laptop or tablet. Prior to the appointment you will receive a link in your email. Click on the link and follow the instructions.  Once completed you will be able to see Dawn’s computer screen.  Our office will call you shortly afterwards to help you if you run into any trouble setting up the meeting.