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The Swing Vs. The Club

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The Swing Vs. The Club

If you had the ability of the greatest golfer in the world to hit the ball in the hole or the set of clubs he’s been using, which would you choose?

Most people would choose the clubs. The financial services industry has always focused on clubs. You go to a stockbroker to buy stocks; he says to buy stocks, "it will solve your problems." You go to an insurance agent to buy insurance, "it will solve your problems." However, one cannot play golf with a baseball bat. You will use a different club or product for each different set of circumstances - a different club to get out of the sand than you would to make the ball travel large distances. If someone were to show you a better way to hold the club, perfect your follow-through, and coach your swing to make the ball go closer to your goal more often, would you value this help?

At Dawn Gordon Financial Advisors, our job is twofold. We provide the coaching lesson to improve your swing and pick the right club for the right job.