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Sabrina Hayes

Early in my career, a woman I worked with started showing signs of decline in her appearance and behavior. Unsure of what to do, I decided it was my duty to check in on her and found out that she was in a bad way after her husband died. She didn't have enough money to keep her lights on or make much needed repairs to her home. So, I rolled up my sleeves and started digging deeper into her situation. In this investigation, we found that she had money that was tied up in a trust and that she could receive her husband's SS benefit. The feeling that doing good for others is very energizing and I have learned from that experience and others like it that being kind, asking questions and digging a little deeper is the best business plan.

Unfortunately, that is not everyone's experience working with a financial professional. There are a lot of bad stories that have circulated amongst business owners, military members, and widows before I started working with them. They have not been told the whole truth, they have been forgotten, and they really need help. The "mama bear" in me fights daily to help protect what is most important to my clients. I want all of my clients to feel and know that, as we work together to understand their needs and formulate a plan to reach them.

I deliver meaningful and collaborative financial plans that focus on allowing clients the time to spend with the people they love and experiences that matter most to them. My first priority is getting to know my clients and understanding their unique needs. I believe in upholding values that align with clients and fostering deep relationships rooted in trust and first class service.